Heart is the Maine. Soul is in the mountains. I design food.

I’m an asshole. No, really. I mean it in the best way but there really is something wrong with me. When I’m in the grocery store, I can’t help but judge (and I mean judge) everyone around me. The diet soda, frozen meals, processed garbage with things like “heart healthy” and “all natural” written on it. It makes me sad for society to see that happening around me. The worst is that some people really think they’re being healthy. I know, because I used to be that way. Now I just unpack my shopping cart onto the conveyor. One at a time goes the fennel bulb, asian pear,  broccoli raab. I used to enjoy when the cashier would ask me if the large yellow gourd was a spaghetti squash or Crenshaw melon. Now I just spiral deep into my hopelessness for human kind as the clerk continues to check me out, annoyed by pressing each and every one of the produce PLU codes. I feel like a huge jerk at the end of my grocery shopping trips. I can’t help but picture myself running around the store, pulling things from people’s carts, and explaining why each thing is not only bad for them but it’s causing them pain, weight gain, shortened life span, and they’re only passing that on to their children. But no. I don’t. Because that would make me even more of an asshole.

So what do I do? I cook, juice, and smoothie plant-based foods. And I don’t just do those things. I consider myself a designer. And because of that, I don’t starve. My food is so healthy, I can eat as much as I want, when I want. It’s a great way to live my life as a graduate from the Clean Plate Club. Eating has never been and issue and going hungry was never an option growing up. Eating primarily plant-based allows me to do that. I eat fish and occasionally eggs (who can live without frittata, really?) but it’s all pretty much plant-based. But what about protein? Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that all before. The truth is, most leafy greens, if you eat enough of them, have enough protein to not just get by but be perfectly fine.

No, I’m not eating 5 lbs of raw salad every day. I cook those veggies like they’ve never been cooked before. And I cook ’em realllll good (little Maine slip for you!). I make green juices that the average meat-and-potatoes fellow would enjoy. Smoothies? Oh, yeah. Those are a treat (especially my gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb oatmeal cookie smoothie that you’ll have to wait for my post).

But this year is different. For the first time, I’m organically growing as much of my own produce as possible. Healthiest veggies are the freshest cut. And no more judge-y trips to the grocery store (win-win all around!).

Follow me through my journey of taking my plant-based diet to the next level.


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